Our full work shop is a 2 hour long demonstration about and how to apply the various techniques most commonly seen when viewing street art and graffiti.  We provide each guest the necessary materials which will be discussed during the session, in an open space to comfortably learn and experiment with all materials provided. The session will be demonstrated and over seen by an active street artist providing an informative, entertaining and hands on instructions. The items covered during the course will be a brief history about the roots of street art and graffiti and its strong connection to Barcelona, the fundamentals of graffiti (i.e. using spray paint, tags, and applying these techniques), sticker making, stencil making, and mixed media installations.  Perfect for creative, communications and advertising agencies looking for a fun exercise to add new tools to their creative process.  Once the workshop concludes the art created by the participants will be able to be taken home the works as keep sake.

Our half workshop is a 1.25 hour demonstration on the most basic and classic techniques of graffiti followed up with a collaborative group graffiti piece.  Lead by an active street artist, whom also has 15 years’ experience using spray paint, will give the participants the basic guidelines on how to handle and control spray paint, professional tips, and help with the design ensuring its completion and giving that extra bit authenticity.  As mentioned before the second half of the workshop will be dedicated to creating a collaborative piece made by all the participants, with help every step of the way.  This workshop is a great way to enjoy the afternoon with colleagues and let loose with some spray paint.

Our workshops are very flexible and can be customized within our means to what the client is exactly looking for.  The art work created can be and is tailored around the participant can be taken home as a keep sake.

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