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My name is Mike and I was born in California. I have lived in Barcelona for the last 4 years. Great weather, great culture great food and great people are a few of the reasons I fell in love with Barcelona. I am a cofounder of the Barcelona Street Style Tour and also a guide. I believe that Barcelona is a great street art/graffiti destination because of the sheer volume and diversity of the street art/graffiti.

On our tours I love pointing out little pieces that people may have walked by but never noticed before and sharing amazing murals that are off the beaten path in locations the average tourist wouldn’t see. Our guests tend to be surprised when, towards the end of the walking tour I take them in a local gallery where they see pieces of art on the gallery walls from quite a few of the artists we have shown them in the street.


aitanaAitana Cano was born in Barcelona in 1988. Her early interested in art and culture make her study photography when she finished school.

After working for a while as a photographer and seeing how culture and new technologies were more and more related between each other, she decided to supplement her studies with a degree in audio-visual media. She is currently working as a teacher as well as a guide for BSST.

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